Using a flat-fee MLS service in Minnesota will help you make your listing more visible to prospective buyers if you're selling your home for sale by owner (FSBO). When selling your home in Minnesota, companies like Real Estate Corners and Houzeo can help you reach more buyers with flat fee MLS packages. Here is a list of the best real estate websites in Minnesota

How to list a property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) without a realtor?

The following steps are involved in listing on the MLS:

  • Pick the Flat Fee MLS listing service with the lowest price, such as Houzeo.
  • Choose a plan that meets your needs and offers extra benefits.
  • Upload photographs and information about the property.
  • Complete the listing agreement, and they will list your property on MLS in one business day.

What are the best flat-fee MLS services in Minnesota?


The goal of Houzeo, a cutting-edge FSBO and Flat Fee MLS listing platform is to make the real estate transaction process as simple as possible. Homeowners can list and sell their properties without having to pay a commission.

Many people organically visit Houzeo, a reputable real estate company, each month. The mobile app for Houzeo is available for "Android" and "iOS," and it allows home sellers to check their listings as well as receive and review offers.


  • Houzeo promises that there are no unstated costs.
  • Houzeo offers both MLS and non-MLS exposure.
  • There won't be any unexpected fees during the process.
  • You can do house showings and get feedback while on the go.
  • Houzeo has a fair price and superior customer support.
  • You can receive, examine, and compare offers while on the go with the help of the Houzeo mobile app. Additionally, you can accomplish this using the seller dashboard.

Real Estate Corners

Real Estate Corners offered exceptional assistance, including counseling at every level of the transaction. You can get more support, which will let you decide how much help you need.

Several possibilities include comparative market analysis (CMA), color brochures, and even having your home highlighted in open house directories. The ideal add-on service will be provided by this flat fee MLS Minnesota. It is the best for add-on services.


  • For the entry-level package, you may upload up to 24 pictures.
  • You'll get buyer leads and have unrestricted access to edit your listings whenever you see fit.
  • Past home sellers who sold to the company gave it favorable reviews.
  • There is no penalty for canceling.

123 Flat Fee Minnesota

Through its network of regional agents, 123 Flat Fee Minnesota, a Flat Fee MLS listing with a base in Minnesota, can give you great local exposure. The company only covers a portion of the entire state of Minnesota. It is best for rock-bottom pricing.

In 1-2 business days, their listings often become active. If you find a buyer, you can choose and pay for the buyer's agent commission. Agents and purchasers will contact you directly with inquiries. 


  • You can communicate with the broker directly in place of using a referral service.
  • The firm has a substantial network of regional brokers in their servicing locations because they are a regionally based company.
  • The choice of canceling is always available.

Savvy Avenue

For a fair flat cost, Savvy Avenue, a local flat fee MLS listing service, enables homeowners to advertise their property on the MLS. Most home sellers expressed satisfaction with their Savvy Avenue experience, praising the agent's professionalism and expertise and how easy the company's listing process was to follow.

The basic package does not contain state disclosures and documentation, nor does it support the more complicated facets of real estate ownership. It is best for experienced sellers.


  • Simple online listing procedure
  • The MLS lists the flexible flat fee Minnesota bundles with different services.
  • By collaborating with a local agent, you may increase your local exposure.
  • Changes are unrestrictedly free of charge.
  • All packages include the Multiple Listing Service listing of open houses.

Minnesota Flat-Fee MLS

Minnesota's most economical flat-fee MLS service is called Minnesota Flat-Fee MLS. The premium plan allows you to publish 25 photographs, which should be sufficient to showcase the majority of homes. You will have six months to sell your house. It typically takes two days before you submit your listing papers to go live.

Additionally, it features seller information on the MLS, enabling buyers to contact sellers without an agent. The sellers will benefit from this information display since the team will communicate with the buyers directly rather than through their real estate agents, saving them money on buyer agent commissions.


  • Seller data is openly available on the MLS.
  • Compared to rivals, this firm is more cost-effective.
  • You can change your listing for free with a fixed fee.
  • State disclosure filings are included in all bundles.

Congress Realty Inc.

Congress Realty Inc. has ten state licenses and has experience selling various properties, from single-family houses to opulent apartments. The team has years of experience and is always reachable by phone or email. 

As the company developed a seamless system that blends full-service realism with the control of a flat-fee MLS, it has become a favorite among Arizonan house owners. Congress Realty is one of the best possibilities if you need step-by-step guidance with the listing process. For 0.5% of the sale price, you can upgrade to a comprehensive plan if necessary. For those seeking a cheap solution, it is a fantastic choice.


  • The firm offers fantastic price assistance.
  • The company can also help if you need professional guidance while listing your property. 

Online FSBO (For Sale by Owner) services from Beycome are available to buyers and sellers. You must pay Beycome a one-time, flat fee to list your home on the nearby MLS. It is one of the best Flat Fee MLS Options.


  • You can use the Beycome dashboard to search for properties as a buyer.
  • By eliminating the need for real estate agents on both sides of the transaction, you can save the standard 3% commission for each one. 

Final Thoughts

Both Houzeo and Minnesota Flat-Fee MLS are trustworthy and capable companies that will advertise your house to many prospective purchasers.