Many homeowners consider home selling a cakewalk process and are unaware of the time and tears needed to generate a sale. In a state like California, a home-selling process takes up to 70 days, only if you get the offers in a quick time. And in such a case, people with concerns like, 'I need to sell my house quick, ' I want good sales', should think practically and work accordingly. 

Being a home seller in California requires grit, determination, and sound market knowledge. However, it is avoided if you sell your house through a real estate agent. But, once again, the option might not prove safe for sellers with the concern of, 'I need to sell my house quick for a good deal. Hence, to lessen your stress and burden, we've listed our suggestions for the quick home-selling process. 

Apart from realtors and agents, the real estate market has many other potential certified assistants. The guidance and service a seller receives under these field professionals shows no different than a traditional real estate agent. 

Besides, there are legal ways to sell your house in a week or even days. While selling fast is key, maximizing your net proceeds is vital. Hence, considering it all, we've covered both aspects – essentially, how to sell your house fast and for the most cash.

How to Sell My House Fast in California?

The four best ways to sell your home fast are:

Listing on MLS

Listing your house on MLS is the fastest and most efficient way to sell your house fast to any potential buyer, cash home buyer, and more. MLS listing helps you reach out to many buyers and syndicates your listing to multiple trustable websites, like Zillow, Trulia, etc. Besides, listing a house on MLS can be done individually too. 

It is said that only real estate agents have access to MLS; it's just partially true. Additionally, listing on MLS is far better than selling your house to a traditional real estate agent. However, for better gains and real quick sales, homeowners with perfect house images profited more. 

So if you're one of 'the perfectionist' house owners, an MLS listing will attract many buyers to your sales and generate maximum exposure. But don't be downhearted; MLS listing works for all types of property owners. The only condition is, to attract better sale prices, a seller should present their home likewise. Since most sellers received 17% more on the asking price, you can be one of them. 

Aggressively price your home

The following important factor that plays a crucial role in fast home sales is your listing price. Generally, most sellers make the simplest mistake by pricing their property way too high than the market rate, assuming they could end the deal with the first buyer itself. But, it's not the case; in any matter, one should prefer listing their house as per the market rate. 

However, if the person has a well-maintained house to sell, the price could go up the limit. But if it's underdeveloped and not in good shape, high prices will lower the chances of attracting buyers. 

What, as a homeowner, you could do is, leave some room for negotiation and price likewise. The listing prices are initial offers only and may be changed at any time before you accept the offer. Typically, listing prices are negotiable between buyer and seller.

Offer competitive buyer agent commissions

The best way to attract a buyer's agent is to list on the MLS and offer a pretty commission. A buyer's agent will work for you to help you sell your home fast! Therefore, competitive buyer's agent commissions are offered. 

This commission is set at 2.5% to 3% across the USA but mostly depends on the property's location. As a result, owning a highly desirable property also saves you from paying big commissions in most cases.

Prompt response to inquiries, presentations, and quotes

Responding to potential buyers is the most critical job if you want to sell your home quickly. Responsive or timely responses to buyer inquiries will encourage them to transact with you. Likewise, managing inspections at the buyer's convenience will help you sell your home quickly. 

Be at the forefront with Houzeo's display and offer management system that makes your home selling process easy with its high-tech mobile app. To be precise, these methods for selling a home fast can be applied to all home sales unless you're selling a home as is in California. Here's how to expedite the transaction to ensure a fast sale of your property.

Quickest Way To Sell A House Fast In California?

Listing your home with Flat Fee MLS Services

If you're selling home as is in California or a well-maintained structure, listing your home with Flat Fee MLS services works the best. The valuable and most attractive part about selling a home with Flat Fee MLS services is the cost. A real estate agent's commission of 6% is reduced to a minimum fixed rate under this specific service. 

Listing with a California Flat Fee MLS service-providing company like gets your house on the market within just 24-48 hours. The top advantages sellers avail include maximum exposure via MLS, potential buyers, homes sold at an appropriate rate, negotiation, and zero realtor commission. Hence, be a savvy seller and make the maximum out of your home sales. also provides fast cash offers to sellers selling a home as is in California. That being said, let's examine Houzeo's services. is America's rising For Sale By Owner website servicing almost millions of home sellers across the United States of America each year. As the demand for the 'For Sale By Owner' approach is fast-moving, Houzeo is being proven the money-saving platform for every homeowner. Hence, the website stands at the top of the finest FSBO sites in California in people's experience. 

How does Houzeo operate? 

Packages: Houzeo typically offers 4 Flat Fee MLS packages; the Bronze Package of $299+, the Silver Package of $349+, the Gold Package of $399+, and the Platinum plan is available at $999+. Though there are options, Houzeo's Silver and the Gold plan is highly preferred by every homeowner. The plans cover all requirements of a seller in and outside of the real estate market. At the same time, professional assistance remains constant among all plans. 

Our take: Houzeo is the most suitable website for every homeowner. The platform has thousands of 5-star reviews for offering the most satisfactory combination of maximum savings, advanced technology, 5-star customer support, and listing exposure. For cash sellers, houses listed on MLS with Houzeo are syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin, and more, leading to the best and maximum exposure for your sales. In fundamental ways, selling home as is in California is no longer a challenging task with Houzeo's existence in the real estate sector. 

Final Words

As a homeowner, a person selling the house should know the exact reason for selling their house to avoid backstepping and closing the deal on insufficient gains. No matter if you're selling home as is in California or are still wondering, 'I need to sell my house quick, the rule applies to all. Once you've crossed the first phase, follow the steps and methods we've listed to enhance better sales changes and good MLS exposure.