Certain conditions lead to unavoidable circumstances that need you to sell your house fast. If you are stuck in the situations such as:

  • You are going through a divorce
  • You want to relocate to a newer destination and want to wrap up things at the existing location.
  • You are going through a cash crunch situation or any financial stress
  • You are facing a medical emergency

Any other condition apart from the ones mentioned above may also need you to sell your home fast. Now another thing that needs an evaluation here is whether you have a desirable property that does not have any structural or material defects or distressed property. Because these two aspects play a key role in determining your approach to selling the house. While the former needs you to relax and not consider selling the house fast in a hurry or at a lesser price. Selling a home as is in Georgia may be difficult to sell, so you can start an aggressive buyer search now.

The most promising way to sell your house fast is to list on the MLS. You can take out some time to market your home well. You may also need to dedicate time and effort in find the big pool of buyers and then crack the best deal. The real estate websites such as Houzeo can help you with it. They can list your property on the MLS and charge a nominal one-time small fee for it. You can also choose one of their four packages as per your needs and the support you may want from the realtor.

After listing your home on the MLS and getting the same syndicated with the hundreds of other realtor websites, you can get in touch with multiple buyers, their agents, cash buyers, flippers, investors, and more who will be interested in buying your house quickly.

Sell your home fast

Though you have known by now that MLS is the best way to sell your home quickly, you may also be looking to find some unique ways to sell your house fast. The tips mentioned below may need you to spend some extra bucks, but they are worth it. These ways may actually help you sell your house quicker than the other processes.

Consider getting a Lockbox

Have you heard about the Lockboxes? These are the small padlock devices that keep the house key in them. Thinking about the safety of the house? The lockbox has a unique code that you can give to the buyers or their agents who want to enter the house and see it. At times, when the seller is not available at the location for showings, then this lockbox thing comes in handy. All you need to do is to provide the lockbox code to the buyer or their agent. This way, you need not be available for all the showings and can get the same done at any time. This will certainly speed up things and you will be able to sell your home more quickly than you thought.

Digital Showing

One of the most important things to understand here is that the buyers who are interested in buying your home would want to see it as soon as possible. If you are having a tough time managing showing manually, then there are showing apps that can allow you to schedule showings and manage walkthroughs and inspections. The same is done at your convenience. Real estate agents use such services. In case you are inclined towards using such a service too and making your home selling easier and faster, you can invest in buying the Houzeo Showings service. You can get it on the mobile app. You can control showings as well as home inspections at your convenience.

The buyers and buyer agents need to authenticate themselves and pass the identification process. Once the system is sure that they are genuine home buyers, the job is done. Explore Houzeo Mobile App and check out how you can manage your showings conveniently

Say yes to Home Inspection

Ensure get the home inspection is done to find all the issues with the property. The home inspection not only finds the material defects but also mentions the extent of the damage. It is also vital to know that you must do it before listing the house to save time. Else, you can also do it after you get an offer from the buyer. It is expected that the seller will pay the inspection cost. It is just that you need to decide the time for yourself – whether it is at the time of creating the listing or at the time of closing. The sooner, the better it is for closing the house sale faster.

Once you do it before the listing, you also get the opportunity to mention the same in the property description. You can add that you have recently done the property inspection. Also, after the inspection, if you have made any renovation or repair, you can write the same too. This also helps the buyer and makes them aware that they need not do the home inspection and make an immediate repair in the house.  

Lower the price in No Offer Situation

Though it is better to have a competitive listing price and sell your house fast. The other approach is to keep lowering the price as and when required. To sell the home fast, you can fix a timeline per which you are sure to sell. When you want to close the deal within two weeks, the starting three days can depict a certain asking price. In case you don’t get any offer or interest, you can lower the listing price.

Pay Repair Costs

If a seller conveys to the buyer that he can pay for the repairs, then the interest of the buyer in the house increases manifold. The repairs in the house can be suggested by the home inspector or the owner may be aware themselves, they can offer to get the same fixed at the time of listing the house. This helps save time during negotiations and ensures to sell your home faster too.

If you are selling the house “as-is”, you can also offer the buyer to reimburse the repair cost. The same will be based on the home inspection, as you don’t want to consume time on conducting repairs yourself. Both are great options.

These were some of the unique ways to sell your house fast. Similarly, you can get creative and think and research some more ways to speed up the process.